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Iago Fernández is a drummer who plays and composes as if he were writing poetry. No wonder the Galician-born musician is called a "drum poet", especially since, in addition to his award-winning drumming, he actually writes poems and paints colourful visual worlds. In this artistic manifestation, Fernández explores his inner self and deals with the essence of his psyche. A balancing act between sun and ocean, light and dark, equally audible in the compositions of the Swiss by choice. Their spectrum ranges from jazz to Radiohead and classical music to popular music from Brazil and Galicia, recorded on four albums with collaborators such as Mark Turner, Yumi Ito and Xan Campos. The new work, "Luzada", carries two beautiful meanings: "Light emitted by a body, either its own or reflected" and "the first light of the day, when the sun rises”.

Since the age of 18, Iago Fernandez has performed regularly at festivals and clubs in America, Asia and throughout Europe, especially in Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Portugal. He has performed with artists such as Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Lionel Loueke, Perico Sambeat, Jesse van Ruller, Jorge Rossy and many others. Fernández can also be heard on more than 40 albums, four of them as bandleader and composer: "Agromando" (2011), "Acougo" (2015), "Brisa" (2016) and "Luzada" (2022). Other projects currently include Yumi Ito, WIZ and Xan Campos Trio, among others.

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